“America’s Most Amazing Mile”

The Incline Railway, located on Lookout Mountain, has delighted guests for more than a century as “America’s Most Amazing Mile.”

As trolley-style railcars slowly carry you up historic Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga’s surrounding peaks and valleys come alive through the clouds. At one point along the way, the railway achieves an incline of 72.7%, making The Incline Railway one of the steepest railways in the world.

Breathtaking views of the Chattanooga Valley can be seen from the observation deck of the Lookout Mountain Station, the highest overlook on the mountain. Then after you’ve had an opportunity to visit Civil War sites within walking distance of the station, Rock City or Ruby Falls, The Incline’s railcar slowly creeps back down the mountain, offering a unique perspective of the Tennessee Valley below as it delivers you safely back to the St Elmo station at the bottom.

Designated as both a National Historic Site and National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark, The Incline Railway has been one of Chattanooga’s most unique attractions since 1895.

“As demand to ride The Incline grows, we are constantly striving to provide the safest, most enjoyable view Chattanooga has to offer,” said Lisa Maragnano, Executive Director of CARTA.

In addition to recent track upgrades, a the Lookout Mountain Station is reminiscent of an original train depot, complete with evocative historical wall graphics, an expanded gift shop and a must see underneath, the machine room!

The Incline Railway is owned and operated by Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) and is a part of Lookout Mountain Attractions, along with Rock City and Ruby Falls. A combo ticket can be purchased at any of these attractions to visit all three – the Incline, Rock City and Ruby Falls. Each attraction has its own unique features, and combined they offer a half-day’s adventure on historic Lookout Mountain.

Visit lookoutmountain.com for more information.

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